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Choice of professional wear version
Category: 制服常识
Date: 2018-05-12
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Author: 佚名
南方地区在板型上以收身精干的板型为先导,根据企业喜好的不同,使职业装的板型更切合企业的需要。而北方地区我们要了解当地人的穿着习惯,结合当地人体特点推荐适合的服装板型,使整体服装穿出职业装的风采,展现职业装的风格。服务顾问工作时间长,所以在服装板型上一些活动范围较大的地方,加大活动量,便于工作,提高了服装的舒适性。   职业装色彩的选择,服务顾问职业装颜色一般采用藏蓝、藏青素色或者隐形条纹面料,能突...

In the southern area, the shape of the body is led by the compact and lean shape. According to the different preferences of the company, the shape of the professional wear is more suitable for the needs of the enterprise. In the northern region, we must understand the dressing habits of the locals, and recommend suitable clothing styles based on the characteristics of the local human body, so that the overall clothing will look like professional wear and show the style of professional wear. Service consultants work for a long time, so in some areas with a larger range of activities on the garment pattern, increase the amount of activity to facilitate work and improve the comfort of the garment.

The choice of color for professional wear, service consultants generally use navy blue, navy blue plain or invisible striped fabrics, which can highlight the enterprising, stable, calm and wise industry spirit of this industry. Pair it with white or blue plain and striped shirts. All show a capable feeling and play a unique charm. Noble navy blue and navy blue are mixed and matched with brightly colored silk scarves and ties and other accessories, jumping out of the dullness and laziness of the office, and permeating a little bit of life.

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