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The ingenious combination of suits and shirts customized by Beijing shirts
Category: 制服常识
Date: 2018-05-12
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Author: 佚名
 1、衬衫搭配灰蓝色加暗条纹西装:灰蓝色给人坚毅、庄重的感觉,暗条纹可加强上述效果。白色衬衫在所有正式、重要的场合与西服搭配都是最佳选择,令人产生信任、稳重、强有力的感觉。   2、衬衫搭配褐色西服:穿白、灰、银色或明亮的褐色衬衫,可配暗褐、灰色领带。   3、衬衫搭配米色西装:穿蓝色衬衫,同属高明度的米色与蓝色作对比搭配,有整洁、醒目、轻松、愉快的视觉效果,使人仿佛置身于热带海岛的雪白沙滩面对蓝...

1. A shirt with a gray-blue suit with dark stripes: gray-blue gives a sense of firmness and solemnity, and dark stripes can enhance the above effect. White shirts are the best choice to match with suits for all formal and important occasions. It gives a sense of trust, stability, and power.

2. Shirts with brown suits: Wear white, gray, silver or bright brown shirts, and dark brown and gray ties can be worn.

3. Shirt with beige suit: Wearing a blue shirt, the same high-brightness beige and blue are contrasted and matched. It has a neat, eye-catching, relaxed and pleasant visual effect, making people feel like they are facing the blue on the snow-white beach of a tropical island. The sea, relaxed and happy.

4. Shirts with gray suits: Wear light-colored shirts that are mainly white. Gray and light blue are achromatic and colorful. Light blue is vivid, elegant, soft and intriguing against the blurred gray tones.

5. Shirts with blue suits: wear pink, creamy yellow, silver gray or bright blue shirts, and dark blue, gray, and yellow ties can be worn.

6. Shirts with blue and black suits: wear white-based light-colored shirts, or light gray shirts, rigorous and calm blue and black, and modern light gray, to outline a shrewd, capable, and wise business elite Image.

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